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JUN 04, 2020

Like everyone, I continue to be deeply distressed by the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of George Floyd. As I have shared with our team in recent days, this heinous act, alongside countless others like it, has made it abundantly clear that our country must confront its ongoing and systemic racism.

It is heartbreaking that crucial, long overdue social change seems only to happen as a result of tragedy. Sadly, we have had another stark example of that with the essential “Me Too” movement. It took horrific abuses by many powerful figures, finally brought to our collective consciousness, to raise our voices for change and accountability. We find ourselves in a similar situation today, as disrespect for life has inspired a multi-racial, multi-cultural movement – one that I hope and pray gathers unstoppable, peaceful momentum.

These violations are in complete contradiction to what we celebrate as an iCapital family and our core values of inclusion, support, and mutual respect. This is a time for us as a company to both listen and act. We must listen to those who face acts of discrimination large and small every day simply because of their perceived differences. And we must act to root out ongoing injustices – intentional or unintentional – and work toward a better and more just future for all.

To that end, we continue our efforts to ensure our company affords equal opportunity and protection from bias to all our employees, clients, and partners. I have engaged all team members across iCapital to contribute their thoughts on how we might actively promote this discussion and act. We will speak out against discrimination and engage in honest and ongoing dialogue about how we can be better.

All of us have a role to play in establishing a culture of respect for every person, regardless of our differences. This world is more amazing and interesting because of the diversity of our perspectives and experiences. We must nourish them and celebrate them as the source of our strength.