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Customized Individual Structures Designed to Better Target A Client’s Objectives

Structured investments are designed to deliver unique risk/return profiles, allowing advisors to customize investment solutions specifically for their clients. This includes offerings linked to:

• Broad-based indices
• ETFs

• Single stocks
• Interest rates
• FX

• Commodities
• Hybrid and others

iCapital partners with market-leading banks to provide the widest variety of calendar and custom structured investments to advisors and their clients. In 2021, iCapital distributed over $9.3B in structured investments to RIAs, wirehouses, banks, and independent broker-dealers.

Our Structured Investments Offering


Structured notes, also called market-linked notes, seek to provide investors with a wide variety of protection features, while also providing enhanced yield and/or upside participation. The three most common categories of notes are yield, growth, and protection.



Like Issuer protected notes, market-linked CDs employ specific structures to generate upside performance and provide downside protection. Since these investments are bank-issued CDs, there is the added protection of FDIC insurance up to applicable investor limits.



Comprehensive Offering

Access to 15+ issuers and over 50 structures designed for yield, enhanced returns along with customized downside protection



Able to build calendars and customize structures for wealth managers based on needs and market conditions


Competitive Pricing

Comprehensive offering and relationships across the industry help us deliver competitive pricing


Full Life Cycle Management

Proactive management of structures across the full life cycle, from idea generation through maturity

To learn more about iCapital’s defined outcome solutions:


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Issuers of Structured Investments

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