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Following implementation of the EU alternative investment fund managers directive (2011/61/EU) (“AIFMD”), including all implementing measures in each member state of the EEA (an “EEA member state”) or the UK, the offering or placement of interests to or with investors domiciled or with a registered office in an EEA member state or the UK (collectively, “European investors”) may be restricted or prohibited under national law in that EEA member state or the UK, or may be permitted only if the manager complies with certain procedural and substantive obligations, where applicable. The inclusion of an offering legend in respect of any EEA member state or the UK does not imply that an offering or placement of interests has been or will be made to or with European investors; any such offering or placement will be made only where: (i) this is permitted under national law; and (ii) the manager, if applicable, complies with all relevant procedural and substantive obligations relating to the offering or placement of interests.

© 2023 Institutional Capital Network, Inc. All Rights Reserved.