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LAST UPDATED: March 11, 2021

Thank you for your interest in iCapital Network. We encourage candidates to explore our job opportunities and to review openings that are listed on our website, or on job boards that we post on, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. However, be aware of internet, email, and telephone scams in which criminals may try to take advantage of job seekers by pretending to represent employers, including iCapital Network. These criminals use employee names, company names and logos via email, chat, and various job posting websites to dupe victims into paying hiring fees. Intended victims may be invited to participate in bogus interviews, asked to fill out fabricated employment applications, and on occasion, have even been issued fake offer letters, all with the goal of trying to entice victims to pay money or divulge sensitive personal information.

Here are a few things to watch for:

  • Communications that are unsolicited, unexpected, or are from an individual or a website with which you are unfamiliar, or whose domain name is inconsistent with that used by the actual business.
  • Correspondence from free e-mail accounts, like Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail. An iCapital Network employee will not solicit candidates through a non-iCapital Network email address or phone number.
  • Invitations to meet in video chat rooms (e.g., Google Hangouts), which we do not currently utilize. Zoom and WebEx are iCapital’s preferred video interview applications.
  • Requests to provide payment to participate in the hiring process (e.g., purchasing a starter kit, investing in training, or something similar). iCapital does not use recruiting or placement agencies that charge candidates advanced fees of any kind. We also do not provide advances to cover initial expenses, such as computers or other supplies.
  • Communications that do not include information about a specific job opening (or the job description is vague) and/or extend a job offer without an interview.
  • Job opportunities that come from people you do not know and appear too good to be true. Be suspicious of an iCapital executive reaching out to make a job offer. It is very unlikely that our CEO, COO, CFO, or Chief People Officer would make an unsolicited job offer.
  • Communications where the recruiter claims to have seen your resume on a site with which you are not familiar.
  • Communications at the application phase requesting your social security number, national insurance number, date of birth, bank account information, or other sensitive personal data.

Do not disclose personal or financial information to individuals or on a website that you do not know or trust. Should you do so, consider reporting the incident to your local law enforcement. To confirm if a new position or offer at iCapital is legitimate, or the person or agency you have been dealing with is real, please contact iCapital Network at [email protected]